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Politejo is the main supplier of works for Indaqua Feira

The building contractors Carlos Pinho and Manuel Francisco Almeida awarded the corresponding works to our company. In a total which exceeds the 300 km of network, the materials to be supplied include PP Ambidur corrugated pipes, Ambidur branch boxes and all the connecting fittings.

Soares da Costa awards contract for Edia

The Aljustrel and Pedrogão 3 Blocks will be executed with the HPDE pipe by Politejo. In the follow-up of the work developed over the two previous years, Politejo, as the main piping supplier for the works of the Edia secondary networks, is still committed to the success of the construction of this enormous national project.

Politejo wins international work in Equatorial Guinea

In partnership with the companies Etermar and Setpipe, Politejo will supply the HPDE pipe for the performance of the Bata emissary. It is a work within the DN1100 diameter, with an extension of 1300 meters. Transport will be made by sea and both the assembly and welding will be performed in front of the construction site.

VinylGreen – Produção de tubos de PVC isento de ftalatos

Hidraexport – Internacionalização de tubos termoplásticos

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